Public Works Division Washim



In Washim District total length of S.H. way is 769.32 km., length of Major district road is 925.42 km. The length of Other district road is 966.48 km. and the length of village road is 947.57 km.

In Washim district total numbers of villages are 696. Out of these 693 are all weather roads. Two villages are fair weather & one village is not yet connected . Upto december 2005 all villages will be connected by all weather roads. In washim district there are total number of 13 Major bridges on various category of roads.

Special Achievement of P.W.Division Washim:

Remarkable Buildings in Washim District:

Following public buildings are constructed in newly constructed Washim district within very short period.

  1. District Administrative Building.
  2. D.S.P. Office.
  3. Collector Bungalow.
  4. C.E.O. Bungalow
  5. D.S.P. Bungalow
  6. R.D.C. Bungalow
  7. S.D.P.O. Bungalow
  8. Official residential buildings [ Total no. 110 ]

Due to construction of Residential & Non residential buildings there is increase in Govt. revenue upto 15.00 Lakhs.

All newely constructed buildings are faciliated with Roof Top water harvesting , Ground water recharging. Also area water harvesting is provided in all building premises. Due to this water harvesting programme 20.50 million litres water is conserved. Under water conservation programme 13 water plugs are constructed at various places in district.

Under road beautification activities dried trees adjacent to road & useless R.C.C. pipes collars are coloured & these pipes collars are arranged in systematic manner which increases the beauty of roads.

In Rest House premises of Karanja, Mangrulpir, Malegaon, Risod towns Vermi-compost is produced which gains revenue. In Rest House premises nurseries are also started.